Web Manuals 2022.3 - 30 March 2022


  • Added Open Sans font. All sites will now be able to actually benefit from the Open Sans Font [MANUALS-6161]
  • Updated dialog title and warning message when deleting compliance connections from document editor. It is now clear that you are about to delete the connection and that it can not be undone [MANUALS-6090]
  • Sorted documents in alphabetical order on Content mirror module dialog, now connection to document will be faster and finding the document will be more intuitive. [MANUALS-6049]


Diagrams overview has been reworked. Now users can:

  • Categorize Diagrams
  • Rename diagram categories [MANUALS-6197]
  • Move diagrams between categories
  • Publish diagrams
  • View all previous revisions of a diagram(Note that Diagrams now have revisions, and will need to be published for changes to be updated in documents)
  • Get a new faster overview of diagrams in the new preview mode


  • PDF Beta - Pages that are not included in a revision are now excluded from the PDF for next revision, this will make it a lot easier to generate PDF files for authorities. [MANUALS-5666]
  • PDF Beta - Added better messages to the export UI so that the user can better follow along with what happens, this will make it more clear that the generator is working and what it is doing. [MANUALS-6162]

Bug fixes

  • Reader - Operational Critical dashboard item is now not shown when the menu item is disabled. This was causing problems for some users. [MANUALS-6098]
  • Reviewer - Fixed link for reviewer notification to open the manual's working revision in review mode. This will save the reviewer time looking for the manual and makes the system more intuitive. [MANUALS-6096]
  • Reader - Fixed issue of old revisions not being available from revision archive list. Now when opening an old revision, the correct revision will be displayed. [MANUALS-6132]
  • Public API - Fixed issue of returning internal error when accessing role performance report with the API. The API will now return the expected data. [MANUALS-6144]
  • Editor - Empty lists are cleaned out while saving the section [MANUALS-6120]
  • Editor - Fixed delta bar showing for the first page number. This delta bar should no longer occur. [MANUALS-6116]
  • Editor - Now only spell checking service directly using in the Editor is available, this will take care of the cases when the spellchecker would not load. [MANUALS-6056]
  • PDF Beta - Fixed issue of footer moving up to the middle of the page with layout A5 and A5 wide. [MANUALS-5975]
  • PDF Beta - Now unnecessary additional margin on headings are removed. The PDF file will match the reader and editor much better. [MANUALS-6152]
  • Settings - Fixed issue of not being able to delete a design. [MANUALS-4598]
  • EFB - Fixed issue of not being able to download PDFs after uploading multiple files at once [MANUALS-6160]
  • EFB - Added cleanup of empty div-tags to the diff output that causes the issue of blank pages in EFB [MANUALS-6186]
  • Diagram - Tuned up functionality for selecting and highlighting categories [MANUALS-6199]
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