Web Manuals 2022.4 - 27 April 2022

  • We can once again send push notifications to devices
  • Template documents now sync compliance connections again
  • Abbreviations will not be marked with warnings when making copies
  • Archived documents now has a date stamp
  • Reviewers can now be kept from seeing revisions not "In Review"
  • Azure Ad integration settings is now much more user friendly when large amounts of groups exist


  • Diagrams - Removed loading references when loading diagrams on module dialog, this will make diagrams selection feel more responsive [MANUALS-6189]
  • Editor - Content Mirror - Added a warning text for content mirror when the mirrored section is removed. This will help avoiding the wrong section is mirrored after moving text sections and restoring pages. [MANUALS-5401]


  • Settings > Documents - Added option under reader settings to allow or disable reviewers from seeing unpublished docs. Now if Reviewers should not be able to see documents in the next revision when they are not placed in review, these rights can be turned off in settings. [MANUALS-6103]
  • Settings > Custom Module - Allow users to add superscripts and subscripts to a custom module. [MANUALS-6072]
  • Archive documents - Added archived date to the admin view under archived documents. Now it is easy to acquire information on when a document was archived, and find the latest archived documents in case they were removed by mistake. [MANUALS-4711]
  • Integrations - Azure AD - Handle large amounts of groups. Now customers with 100+ groups will find the Azure selection a lot less cumbersome [MANUALS-6255]

Bug fixes

  • Reviewer - Disable the option "Open in Review mode" if the document is not review enabled. This will make the system more intuitive and will remove the misconception that the document is in review, when it is not. [MANUALS-6103]
  • Editor - Fixed issue of not showing overflow warnings. Now the "pages by warnings" will show overflow as well. [MANUALS-5228]
  • Editor - Fixed issue of marking all abbreviations as outdated when copying not as a template or importing JSON file. Now the abbreviations will only be outdated if they are outdated in the parent document. [MANUALS-5241]
  • Editor - Fixed issue of showing empty content mirror when the mirrored section is either moved or restored on the original page. Now we are consistently tracking one text section, even when the page is restored after. [MANUALS-5401]
  • Fixed issue of not recognizing root path when uploading multiple new revisions of file documents. [MANUALS-6241]
  • Reminder - Fixed sending email about template manual update even when the email task is disabled. Now template documents will not send update reminders if the notification email is turned off. [MANUALS-6198]
  • Fixed template parent/child document not syncing compliance connections. Now the child document will once again be able to inherit compliance connections. [MANUALS-6170]
  • Restore Push Notification. We can once again send push notifications to devices! [MANUALS-6243]
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