Web Manuals 2022.5 - 25 May 2022

Release note Highlights

  • We are making the new PDF generator the default generator. Remember that you can still use the old generator by actively selecting it, so two options still exist.
  • Updated Compliance library filtering with Not applicable and No connections as well as made it possible to filter manual and warnings together, for more specific results.
  • Compliance connections under headings will no longer be hidden in some cases


  • Editor - Section skin from original section will be applied to split section when saving. Users will no longer have to reapply section skins when splitting sections. [MANUALS-6263]
  • Editor - MEL - Styled the header alignment in the landscape MEL table. Content that was unintentionally centered, is not in the proper place. [MANUALS-6238]
  • Editor - MEL - Added missing numbers for headers in MEL tables of the Landscape Compact style. [MANUALS-6239]

Compliance Libraires

  • Added options to filter requirements in a compliance library. Now it is easier to find what has not yet been documented. [MANUALS-6151]


  • PDF Beta - Switch main generator. PDF Beta from now on will be used as an official PDF generator. Note that the old PDF generator will still be available on active choice. [MANUALS-6281]

Bug fixes

  • Editor - Fixed abbreviation marking as outdated when copying a chapter or a page from another document. From now on there will be less unnecessary updating. [MANUALS-6272]
  • Editor - Fixed issue when saving Chapter titles containing a hyphen. [MANUALS-5986]
  • Editor - Fixed issue of a template’s child documents not syncing compliance connections. Now the sync will take compliance connections into account as well if so requested. [MANUALS-6170]
  • PDF generator Beta- Fixed issue of missing revision bars for new sections. [MANUALS-6253]
  • EFB - Fixed issue of not properly showing manuals by tag.
  • EFB - Fixed issue with login from Android EFB app
  • Partner Integration - IQSMS - Fixed dates showing one day before when getting all published documents. [MANUALS-6244]
  • Editor - Fixed issue of Compliance connections under headings not showing in editor. [MANUALS-5985]
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