System Settings - General

Allows you to change the date and time format, and to select your time zone. Note that the date format chosen is the one that will show on your documents.

Spellcheck Language
Allows you to select the default spellcheck language on your site. If you write documents in multiple languages, you should select the relevant languages from the list and enable document specific spellcheck language to enable different spellcheck languages for different documents.

Email Templates
Allows you to activate automatic emails by clicking on the overflow menu in correspondence with each email type. It also allows you to schedule emails at your time of choice. Finally, it allows you to customize the contents of the emails.

Type of email Description
Notification email A reminder that a new revision of a document has been published.
Welcome email An email that welcomes a new user. It provides the username and a password activation link.
Warning email An email that warns the user that they have not read recently published documentation that they're assigned.
Forgot password Allows a user to reset their password.
New Form Entry Notifies the owner of a form that a new form entry has been submitted.
Document Review Notifies a reviewer that a new document is available for review.
Task Notifies a user that they have been assigned a task.
New Template Revision Notifies the document owner that the template of a copy has been modified.
Verify Email Notifies a user of the code to verify email for support tickets
Expiration Reminder Notifies a user that documents will expire soon.
Escalation email Notifies an Admin about the users' performance. In order to add a new escalation email click on Add.
Requirement update notification Notifies the requirement owner that requirements have been updated in a new revision on the library.


Access to support functionality allows you to decide if you would like to extend the use of the Support function in the Admin Dashboard to all Editors, limit it to Admins or remove it for all.

If Count documents recursively is enabled the number displayed next to each parent category under Manage Documents equals to the amount of documents present in the parent category + the documents present in all its sub-categories. If disabled the number displayed next to each category equals to the amount of documents present in that category only.

The warning icon iScreen_Shoter_-_20221018083726818.jpg next to an email indicates that the email has not been activated.

A test email can be sent by selecting a recipient and clicking on Send.

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