System Settings - Compliance Libraries

Allows you to manage the settings of your compliance connections.

  • Requirement Ownership :

Select who can assign compliance requirement ownership. Enabled without restrictions implies that admins and editors can assign ownership, and all users with access to the compliance library can mark requirements as documented and/or reviewed. Enabled with restrictions and only editable by admins makes, assigning ownership is limited to admins. Moreover, only the assigned user will be able to mark requirements as documented and/or reviewed.

  • Enable compliance connections displayed under heading: 

Select who can see the reference to the requirement under the headings. 

  • Enable compliance connections warning on heading: 

Select who can see the heading colored in red when the compliance connection made to it is no longer up-to-date.

  • Group Compliance Libraries by organization in Main Menu

When ticked, libraries will be grouped by organization, if not, they will be in alphabetical order.

  • Allow only library owners to edit libraries
If ticked, only library owners are allowed to edit, add new revisions to, and delete compliance libraries assigned to them.
  • Allow only requirement owners to manage connections

If ticked, only requirements owners are allowed to edit, connect, and delete requirement connections.

  • Exclusive view permission for compliance libraries

When ticked, only users with assigned user type/role can view the compliance library. For more information please check Exclusive View Permission

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