System settings -EFB



  • Allow which version of our app the users can use. Both can be used simultaneously:


  • Allows you to set the amount of time for which the user session will stay active on the EFB
  • Disable offline login for the SSO
  • It also allows you to disable the log out option while the device is offline. 
  • In our new Reader app you have the possibility to disable 'Save login' feature and only allow Wifi while using the app.

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Role Configuration

Allows you to select the categories that contain operationally critical documents and should therefore be downloaded automatically on the EFB as soon as users log in. Note that it is possible to configure this function by Role so that different operationally critical documents are downloaded automatically for different roles. You can configure by Role by clicking on Add and selecting the role from the drop-down list.

Below is a description of this view's settings.

Allow 'open in' for PDF Documents Allows the user to open PDF Documents in a different app. Note that this function is only available on iOS devices.
Allow users to wipe device data Allows the user to remove all the documents downloaded on their device.
Enable Delete Document option If enabled, allows users to delete a document downloaded on their devices.
Include sub-categories for operationally critical categories If selected, the documents in the sub-categories of the chosen operationally critical categories will also be downloaded autoamtically upon login.
Download File Document search index If set to Yes, the File Document search index will be downloaded by default. If set to User choice, it will be up to the user. If set to No, the File Document search index will never be downloaded to the device.
Automatically start downloading Operationally Critical Documents If set to Yes, all documents in the operationally critical categories will be downloaded automatically upon login. If set to User choice, it will be up to the user. If set to No, all documents will require the user to tap Download in order to be downloaded.
Operationally Critical Categories The chosen categories from the drop down list will be marked as operationally critical, which will allow the documents inside them to be downloaded automatically upon the user's login.


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