System Settings - User

User Information

Allows you to select whether the email address of each user should be their username and allows you to select which user information should be editable by the users and/or by the Admin.


Allows you to set an expiration day to all users' passwords, to set a maximum number of failed logins allowed, and to increase the security of the users' passwords by forcing a strong password.


User Types

User Types define the access that users have to various Web Manuals functionality on your site. Here you can modify users' access to functionality by selecting/deselecting them from the list. In addition, you can create new sub User Types by clicking on the overflow menu next to each User Type.

User Type Description
Admin Has access to all functions and settings.
Editor Can read, edit, review and can be given access to all Admin's functions except for Settings.
Reviewer Can read and review documents.
Reader Can only read documents.
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