Template and Child Documents

The goal of creating a template document is to copy the content of a manual onto another one and get warnings in case the two documents are not matching. The content (total or partial) of the copies is the same as the original. Template (original) and Child (copy) are not independent documents.


How to create a copy of a document using the template function:

Go to the category where the Template manual (original) is located --> Click on the three dots by the name of the document --> Copy document --> Fill in the Child’s new category, name, and shortcode --> Click on “Use as template” --> Save



You can recognize the template document by the link sign instead of the regular Web Document: iScreen_Shoter_-_20230301102303524.jpg

Looking at your template document if you click on Monitor --> Child Document, you can see a list of all Child Documents linked to this template. If you click on one of them, it will open the child document in a new tab.


Note: The template document needs to be published in order to sync changes with the child.



Once you have published your template document, click on your child. You will see at the top of your screen “The manual’s template has been updated” --> Click on Sync


Once the document is synced it needs to be reloaded and will show "Document is up-to-date with template".
On a child document, there are different border colors to illustrate the status of your page:

iScreen_Shoter_-_20230301104128687.jpg Green: It shows that the child document is up to date and synchronized correctly with the template document. 
iScreen_Shoter_-_20230301104140254.jpg Yellow: It shows that changes have been made in the child document. These changes are then overwriting the template document.
iScreen_Shoter_-_20230301104203833.jpg Red: It shows that changes have been made in the template to a page that was already changed in the child document.

If your page is not syncing with the template document anymore because some content has been written (yellow/red situation) and you wish
to sync it back with the template document, you will need to click on the three dots by the text section --> View template section --> Copy template content.






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