Web Manuals Release notes 2023.3.0

We are happy to share our March release notes! Release Date 29-03-2023
In March, we continued our work on getting some of our larger projects closed.
We are working on:
  • Word Import Wizard
  • Finalizing Site Sharing
  • Releasing the Reader App
We are happy that despite being focused on these larger projects, we can still give you a substantial release with a handful of other improvements.

Highlights this month are:
  • New email template for update notifications of internal libraries to owners
  • Progress bars when uploading files
  • Better email titles for form submissions
  • Sorting on columns
  • Better MFA support
  • Compliance - Removed functionalities from unsubscribed compliance libraries and added warnings. We needed a way to handle libraries that customers unsubscribe from without deleting them from customer sites. Now a Compliance library will still exist on the site, but connections can no longer be made or updated, nor can the library be updated to new revisions. Warning Icons are added to all views with a mouse over text saying that the library is unsubscribed. [MANUALS-6822]
  • Editor - Added progress bar when uploading files. Now it will be clear to see the status of the upload. [MANUALS-4786]
  • Email - New email template is added for compliance requirement updates for internal libraries notification. Now when an internal compliance library is updated, all the assigned owners can receive a notification email. [MANUALS-5997]
  • Form Email template - Added form name to the subject of the Form notification email. Now recipients of form submittal emails will be able to see from the title of the email what form has been filled in. This will really help users manage the forms. [MANUALS-6958]
Bug Fixes:
  • Editor - Fixed splitting tables creates an incomplete table. Now when splitting a table, an empty row with only one cell should not be created. [MANUALS-6757]
  • Editor - Fixed symbol ≤ blocks the page from scrolling up and down. Now you should be able to scroll even if you add symbols to a page - great new world! [MANUALS-6731]
  • Manage users - Fixed sorting arrow in the manage users component on role page not working. Now sorting should work correctly, and selecting roles should be a lot easier. [MANUALS-6889]
  • Compliance - Fixed admin users' unable to assign ownership and check dev/rev in the compliance library view. The restricted setting that only allows admins to apply owners now actually allows admins to assign owners and change doc/rev. [MANUALS-6912]
  • Reader dashboard - Fixed inability to sort by code, issue and published date in the reader dashboard. Now the sorting of columns on the Dashboard works as intended. [MANUALS-6247]
  • Fixed change request task emails being sent to archived users. Now if a user is archived, they will no longer receive change requests and the ownership of a document is revoked. [MANUALS-6973]
  • Security - Fixed MFA. Now users logging in with MFA should be able to log in on the app without excluding Web Manuals from their MFA. [MANUALS-6138]

    For more information, take a look at our release notes webinar 
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