Web Manuals Release Notes 2023.12.0

Version: WM 2023.12.0 
Release date: 14-12-2023
Currently we are working on:
  • Image repository
  • Reader App bug fixes and improvements
  • Improving the search function
  • Bug fixes
Highlights this release:
  • More intuitive Email Archive sorting
  • Compliance libraries can now be hidden from users
  • Splitting tables and lists now gives a much better result
  • Compliance libraries no longer jump after connections are made or tabs are switched
  • Changed the sorting default on Email Archive to display newest to oldest, thereby the most recent will be on top. At the same time we have enabled the date column to be sortable by clicking the column header. - MANUALS-6853
  • Added a new function for compliance libraries, allowing libraries to be visible to only select user types and roles. - MANUALS-6879
    • To activate: Check "Exclusive view permission for compliance libraries" under compliance settings and Select the roles or user types who should have access under “Edit Libraries”
  • Compliance library owner selection drop down has been sorted alphabetically, for a better owner selection experience. - MANUALS-7466
  • Tables now work a lot better after they are split. Lists will also work a lot better and will continue from where they were split in the new text section. - MANUALS-6467
  • Last login date in device list has been renamed to better reflect that it does not cover last login date. - MANUALS-7365
  • Documents can no longer be copied as templates if they have not been published. - MANUALS-7416
  • Compliance libraries list should no longer jump after connecting to a requirement and the list should scroll back to last position after changing tabs. - MANUALS-7437
  • For documents requiring multiple users to approve a workflow step, mousing over the accept button will display the review status from the other reviewers. - MANUALS-7445
  • When importing users and including usertype and role, the users will once again have these values correctly set. - MANUALS-7472
  • Restricted compliance libraries no longer allow non library owners to open old revisions. - MANUALS-7483
  • Multiple smaller UI improvements
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