Web Manuals EFB - 1.1.0

Here are your Reader App release notes! Release date: 2023-10-25

  • Added customer site information to the "About" tab. WMEFB-296
  • Definition tooltip pop-up when tapping a definition. WMEFB-301
  • Dark mode colours improved for Page labels, Table Background Colors, Fonts and Backgrounds. WMEFB-313
  • Improved text wrapping on the login page to allow the text to be displayed. WMEFB-339
  • Reader App now has a banner on the dashboard showing the last time a refresh occurred for the active user. WMEFB-344
  • Now, the device will be registered in admin and the device list even if pop-ups are disabled. WMEFB-347
  • Android: Now, log sections are highlighted to clarify what part is active for the user. WMEFB-348
  • Android: You can now open documents from the document log. WMEFB-349
  • The App should automatically trigger a refresh after the app has been idle for over 10 minutes. WMEFB-366
  • Content page - Form entries: Add a message saying that form entries can only be shown online. WMEFB-367
  • Disable "Wipe application data" in offline mode to ensure that the device is not wiped and unable to download crucial data. An error message will occur in offline mode now. WMEFB-368
  • Active checkout - fixed UI errors, iOS now has the correct font size, and Android text will no longer be out of bounds. WMEFB-369
  • Document fullscreen mode hides the shortcut menu on the left side for a better full-screen experience. WMEFB-370
  • Document columns now display data correctly after the orientation change. WMEFB-282
  • Dark mode: Abbreviations are now displayed correctly in dark mode. WMEFB-300
  • The download panel should no longer cover the form submit button. WMEFB-302
  • Dark mode: Some modules were displayed in white font colour on a light background; this is now fixed to allow for a better Dark Mode experience. WMEFB-306
  • Documents display order within the folder set to start with A-Z. WMEFB-311
  • The main screen badge on the Reader App icon should now update when a new revision is published. WMEFB-314
  • The reader print button should not be visible if reader printing is turned off. WMEFB-317
  • When switching between tabs, manuals should no longer return to page 1. WMEFB-325
  • Android: Filter in the Documents now works, like in the other document lists. WMEFB-350
  • Android: The change request button is now displayed correctly in the document's right-side panel. WMEFB-353
  • Comments are now correctly displayed in the comments pop-up. WMEFB-361
  • Search exact match - Fixed exact match highlighting. WMEFB-365
  • Forms now work on pages with revision bars. WMEFB-374
  • Dashboard iPhone - Removed unnecessary space. WMEFB-376
  • Content Pages will now show documents from subcategories as intended. WMEFB-378
  • Having the App in light mode while the system is set to dark will no longer affect the UI negatively. WMEFB-392
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