Web Manuals Release notes 2023.9.0

We are happy to share the September release notes. 
Currently, we are working on:
We have been really busy during Go Digital, so we are happy to be back behind the keyboards.
  • Image repository
  • A few upgrades to forms
  • Small updates to our PDF generator
  • A few improvements for the editor
  • Prototypes for new projects
Highlights this release:
  • Compliance library owners can now be set to have exclusive update rights of compliance library
  • Reader dashboard will now display if documents have checkout requirements
  • Child documents to Templates now correctly update images without revision bars
Changes this release: Admin/Editor:
  • Compliance library - Library owners should be able to update their libraries. Now, Library owners can be set to be the only users who can update their libraries. This can be activated in Compliance settings. [MANUALS-6000]
  • Reader dashboard - Create Icon displaying that a document has active checkout or quiz. This will make the Reader match the Reader app. [MANUALS-7008]
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed sections with uploaded images get revision bars after sync. Now, updating a child document with images will no longer apply revision bars if the image is unchanged. [MANUALS-6996]
  • Tasks - Fixed completed Tasks not loading when the manual is archived or permanently deleted. Now, tasks should load correctly, and error messages have been added for deleted documents. [MANUALS-7201]
  • Manage Users - Warnings when adding users above the current user type limit will now be shown when clicking Add and will show the correct message based on the type of user being added [MANUALS-7312]
  • Reader - The documents list shows duplicate manuals in the pages view. Now, documents will only appear once in the list, even if they are accessible in multiple categories. [MANUALS-7065]
  • Improved internal tools, APIs and applied upgrades
Reader App:
  • Changed so File documents without Document type are allowed to be printed
  • Prepared for Apple Business Manager usage
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