Web Manuals EFB - 1.1.1

Release notes
Version: Web Manuals EFB  - 1.1.1
Release date: 2023.12.11
  • Updated icons and symbols for a higher variety - WMEFB-394
  • Improved dark mode to set Table of Content text to white if the default color is black - WMEFB-396
  • Fixed a login issue that returned the user to the home screen instead of loggin in - WMEFB-385
  • Links to specific pages, now navigate to the correct page - WMEFB-399
  • Solved a very rare cause of the app crashing upon logout, and built in precautions against freezing - WMEFB-401
  • Fixed links from content pages to manuals, in a few cases these would be wrongly formatted - WMEFB-402
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