Web Manuals Release notes 2023.11.0

Version: WM 2023.11.0
Release date: 29-11-2023Currently we are working on:
  • Image repository
  • Reader App bug fixes and improvements
  • Compliance Library - hiding regulations per user type and role
  • Adding more languages to spellchecker
  • Bug fixes
Highlights this release:
  • CC option for form notifications
  • Text sections added or moved will no longer cause full revision bars to appear
  • New API option to export Checklists
Changes this release:
  • Added a CC option to Forms notifications, this is great when not only the responsible person needs to take action or receive the information. - MANUALS-5871
  • If no available revision is released, then the new revision will be created as if there was no prior revision. Meaning the new revision will have no revision bars. - MANUALS-6898
  • If a text section is added above an existing text section, the old text section will no longer receive a revision bar. The delta will still be applied since it contains information, but can be hidden. This allows for existing text sections to still show revision bars in case content changes are applied. - MANUALS-7093
  • Added a new API endpoint allowing for Compliance Checklists to be exported. The API allows for filters to be applied and for AMCs, GMs and N/As to be excluded from the list. - MANUALS-7312
  • When creating a compliance library an owner is selected, it is now possible to set that choice back to no owner. - MANUALS-7322
  • Moving a text section to a new page will no longer have it appear as a brand new text section. It will now keep the added changes but will not have a full revision bar for “new section”. As a bonus we are no longer making a marking for “deleted section” on the page where the text section originated. - MANUALS-5601
  • Making an image into a link, will no longer overwrite the image with the link information. - MANUALS-7135
  • Deleted text section marks will now be placed in their correct locations. - MANUALS-7187
  • We found a case where non library owners should still apply changes to compliance libraries, this is now fixed. - MANUALS-7326
  • Reviewer comments in admin will now word wrap correctly, allowing for the entire comment to be visible as well as the date. - MANUALS-7340
  • In the permissions matrix, the category column will no longer have a transparent background. - MANUALS-7361
  • Changed the color scheme for Announcement user performance, before it was a challenge to read all the information. - MANUALS-7425
  • Multiple small UI updates, fixing things that were misaligned and out of place.
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