Web Manuals Release notes 2023.10.0

We are happy to share our October release notes!

Release date: 25-10-2023

Currently, we are working on:
  • Image repository
  • Finishing the word import project
  • A few improvements for the editor
Highlights this release:
  • The All tasks option now shows all tasks.
  • Splitting tables works a lot better.
  • Reader comments can once again be removed.
Changes this release:
  • Added a filter to the compliance library in the reader, automatically showing only the compliance connections to an active manual. The reader can remove the filter to see all connections. MANUALS-5358
  • Added a role filter to user performance in document control, showing how groups have read a specific document. MANUALS-5898
  • Tasks now has an "All tasks" option, allowing for a full list of tasks instead of choosing between pending and completed. MANUALS-7163
  • Added infinity symbol under special characters. MANUALS-7324
  • When making a reviewer comment, the comment field was not cleared, causing the user to do it manually. This is now fixed. MANUALS-7356
  • Splitting tables created an incomplete table; this is now fixed, so splitting tables should give a much better result. MANUALS-6757
  • In reader content pages, the code column displaying the shortcode was not displaying a result. This is now fixed, and shortcodes can be enjoyed. MANUALS-7073
  • In the reader, the reader comments can now be removed by the person who made the comment. MANUALS-7241
  • Template documents will keep the images in the child after a sync, even if the images are external. MANUALS-7341
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