Web Manuals Release notes 2023.4.0

We are happy to share the April release notes
Release date: 27-04-2023
Currently, we are working on:
  • Reader app - Post-release bug fixes
  • Site sharing
  • Word import Wizard
  • External Reviewer portal
Highlights this release:
  • Now manuals with page numbering n will have more correct numbering in generated modules
  • Now documents can be sent to unread on publication without having to send reminders
  • Readers can once again see revisions planned to release at a future date
  • Better error messages for compliance import.
The changes of this release:
  • Editor - Display chapter number in the change log module for n-type page numbering format. - This means that now the Change log and LEP will have the chapter numbers displayed for a more correct look when using “n” as page numbering. [MANUALS-7006]
  • Compliance - Added proper error message for empty requirements when importing a new revision. Now when using the valid to and from fields, a much more helpful error message will be shown if the description field is empty. [MANUALS-6990]
  • Editor - Added new option "No reminders, show in unread" for new revisions. This will create a new opportunity for editors and admins to be able to send a document to the unread view for readers without having to send reminders as well. [MANUALS-6827]
Bug Fixes:
  • Reader - Fixed sorting not working from the unread section in the reader. Now sorting columns will actually work as intended. [MANUALS-6974]
  • Reader - Fixed readers are not able to see future revisions even if it is set to allow. Readers will once again be able to read revisions published and set to not active for a time period if allowed. [MANUALS-6954]
  • Reader - Fixed Unable to search in ToC/Pages panel for text in uppercase. Now when searching in the reader sidebar for TOC or Pages, the results will also show for search strings containing uppercase letters. [MANUALS-5669]
  • Admin - Changed the message displayed when the parent design is changed on design. It will now show a message saying: “Design has been updated successfully”. [MANUALS-6680]
  • Editor  - Fixed the definitions export issues. Now the file exported from Definitions will have the correct text in the header row and will also include a Reference column. [MANUALS-6934]
  • Editor  - Fixed error message when uploading file manuals through drag and drop. Now files uploaded with drag and drop no longer give the message: “Something went wrong, please try again” when uploaded successfully. [MANUALS-7033]
  • Admin - Disabled older revisions expiration reminders email. Now documents will no longer send expiration reminders on a revision if the next revision has been published. [MANUALS-6439]
  • Editor - Fixed requirement text not opening on show all filter. Now the compliance library text will open correctly when clicking on a requirement in the sidebar.[MANUALS-7007]
  • Editor - Fixed the edit button in the compliance section not visible to show all filters. Now the edit button will no longer go missing upon loading or reloading the compliance section. [MANUALS-7056]
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