Web Manuals Release notes 2023.6.0

We are happy to share the June release notes
Release date: 06-07-2023
Currently we are working on:
Summer is upon us. With summer comes vacation, sunshine and Summersprint, a longer sprint where our developers can focus on new and exciting features as well as R&D projects.
This means that the next release after this one will be the August release unless something pressing occurs.
Highlights this release:
  • Better user information exported, including last login
  • Faster compliance library load times in Manage Libraries
  • Updated help information in Welcome emails
The changes of this release:
  • Menu - Removed old menu option. The old menu has been available for more than a year now, giving late adopters plenty of time to get acclimated to the new menu.  [MANUALS-7072]
  • Manage Users - Added warnings when changing user types for the customers with policy block/warning. Now the warnings shown will more correctly describe the customer journey and will add confirmation dialog.  [MANUALS-7114]
  • Manage Users - Added last login column when exporting users from manage users. Now login statistics can be exported and the data can be processed in excel post export. [MANUALS-6901]
  • Revision dialog -  Hide/grayed out 'Track changes from' in first revision. Since there is no revision to track from, it should help the user experience for new users when creating the first revision.  [MANUALS-7098]
  • Manage libraries - Compliance library load time is improved. Now when opening up Manage libraries on sites with many compliance libraries, it will not take a long time before the admin can make changes. [MANUALS-7087]
  • Email Template - Updated welcome email for new customers with new service desk link. Now the link in welcome emails will send the users to the help center and not the old Service Desk site. [MANUALS-7143]
Bug fixes:
  • Definitions Module - Fixed line breaks not showing properly in definitions module. Now Definitions formatting will look better. [MANUALS-7108]
  • Revision tracking - Fixed reader/editor tracking discrepancy from different prior revision when it is not set during the revision creation. Now if no previous revisions are active, then tracking is not active. [MANUALS-6898]
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