Web Manuals Release notes -Summer Sprint 2023

Currently, we are working on:

The Summer sprint has been concluded, meaning we are back on our usual sprint and release rotation. Our focus is currently on:

Image repository

A few form improvements

Upgrading the editor tool

Prototypes for new projects 


Highlights this release:

  • Compliance action logs and better internal compliance handling
  • Movable dialog boxes
  • Reader comments can now be read in Admin view and not cut off


  • Compliance libraries - Export action log of all connections made, updated or deleted to the library - This will help any organisation get an overview of their compliance changes. [MANUALS-7205]
  • SSO - Added option to disable regular logins for SSO users; this will ensure that when an SSO user is logging in, the user is always using the SSO login. [MANUALS-7252]
  • SSO Azure AD - Renamed to Entra ID - Microsoft has changed their name, so we adhere. [MANUALS-7253]
  • Compliance library - Increased the size of the amendment box. The Amendment box did not allow for a broader overview of the content, it has been improved a bit. [MANUALS-7076]
  • All pop-ups - Added ability to move pop-up windows on the screen. Being able to move dialog boxes has been a request for a long time. [MANUALS-6619]
  • Reader settings - Renamed setting options under System Settings>Reader>Settings, to make it more clear what the choices entail. [MANUALS-6969]

Bug fixes:

  • Compliance editor - Fixed connections aren't marked in red when outdated, when it's a created/imported library. Now internal libraries will receive outdated warnings on connections to updated regulations, if the regulation has been marked as changed in the revision. [MANUALS-6760]
  • Compliance revision Import - Fixed compliance Import crashes when more than one requirement number is empty. Now the importer will continue to the next row when encountering an error. [MANUALS-7270]
  • Compliance library - Fixed editing and saving a revision makes the req. list jump to the middle. Now the regulation list will stay in place after saving. [MANUALS-7090]
  • Reader Comments - Fixed can't see the whole comment from the Admin view. [MANUALS-7169]
  • Forms/Report - Fixed numbers not sorted correctly, now they will be sorted correctly 1 to 10. [MANUALS-7141]
  • PDF import - Fixed corruption of import for undefined content type. [MANUALS-7250]


  • Reader App - Fixed pages show the changes of the delta sign instead of actual page content. Now pages will show their actual content. [MANUALS-7230]
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