Web Manuals 2023.2.0 Release notes

Hello everyone! We have another release for you.
This release is a smaller one in terms of improvements and fixes, the reason is that we are working very focused on getting the new Reader app done, as well as a couple other large projects.
Currently we are working on:
  • Reader app - final bug fixes and polish.
  • Site sharing
  • Word import Wizard
  • Audit portal
The changes of this release:
  • Editor - Activated font color and background color for checklist - This means that there will be styling options for checklists! [MANUALS-6823]
  • Dashboard - Changed dashboard item 'Getting Started' to link to help. Now users looking for help will be taken to our new Help Center. [MANUALS-6482]
Bug Fixes:
  • Reader Dashboard - Fixed link to manual not working from dashboard reader page. [MANUALS-6888]
  • Form - Fixed form not submitting when field's layout set to title inside - Now the forms can actually be submitted and data collected. [MANUALS-6922]
  • Added support tool to fix cross references for URL's with just domain name. [MANUALS-6919]
On top of this we built in a lot of nice backend support for the new app.
  • WMEFB-141 : Added backend for Forgot Password. - Now Forgot password will allow the reader to easily change the password in the app after verifying in an email by pressing a link. This makes Forgot password extremely easy to use.
  • WMEFB-150 : Normal Login flow complete with Master Server logging support for both iOS and Android User with Remind permissions for a manual will now get a Push Notification even if manual has not been downloaded on the device. Applies to all platforms: Legacy - iOS App, Reader - iOS, Reader - Android and Windows App
  • Transmittal letters are now sent in the EFB package - Meaning that transmittal letters will be on the devices as well.
  • WMEFB-142: Added APIs and Push notification for Announcement feature. - Giving Announcements a lot more value for users on the reader app.
  • WMEFB-144: Enabled page favorites for PDFs - Yes, pages in PDF files can now be marked as favorites in the new reader app.
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