Web Manuals 8.0 - June Release Notes 16 June 2021


  • Redesigned the page selection in prepare new revision, making partial revisions easier to set up. [MANUALS-5006]
  • Abbreviations will no longer apply a space automatically, this will remove the double space issues some users have. [MANUALS-5361]


  • Added buttons that allow reviewers to navigate to review pages easier, and exclude pages already in final approval. [MANUALS-5225]
  • Added fullscreen/close buttons to form-entry dialog, allowing for easier navigation. [MANUALS-5249]

Compliance Libraries

  • Improved compliance library export, allowing internal libraires to be exported much faster.
  • Improved compliance library import template
  • Significant performance improvements to the self-managed compliance library editor.


  • Content pages dialog now automatically selects the first page when loaded, this helps avoiding loading an empty page when using content pages. [MANUALS-5259]
  • In Add/Edit Library dialog, the owner list is now restricted to active admins and editors (Used to list all users). This makes owner selection much easier. [MANUALS-5096]
  • Added even footer option to designer, allowing footer to flip according to even and uneven pages, like header already does. [MANUALS-5321]
  • Next generation PDF generator - Phase 1 (Only available to WM-Support). Allowing Support the ability to generate PDF files with the new PDF generator. [MANUALS-4924]
  • Added back SSO links to Customer Portal, once more allowing access to the Customer portal.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed ToC and Latest Edits not updating after Page Structure changes, allowing for more accurate change tracking. [MANUALS-5021]
  • Fixed Change Log Comments not loading in single page documents, making it possible to have proper comments on single page documents.
  • Prepare Revision dialog: Fixed an issue where the message indicated a new revision when editing an existing one. [MANUALS-5158]
  • Performance update: Fixed an issue where Manage Users would take a while to update after status changes (archive/inactivate etc.). [MANUALS-5160]
  • Solved an issue where the save counter would not always reset following a successful save, falsely indicating that there was still changes to be saved. [MANUALS-5349]
  • Fixed missing short code in Monitor Overview, now allowing users to see short code in that view. [MANUALS-5341]
  • Fixed blank page text when section is deleted, now allowing pages to state themselves as "intentionally left blank" in those cases. [MANUALS-5377]
  • Fixed an issue with documents having their designs removed, now a document without a design will load up with the default design. [MANUALS-5396]
  • Fixed an issue that prevented revision bars from showing up in regards to abbreviations. [MANUALS-5362]
  • Fixed wrong heading numbering for dual locale documents, and fixed dual locale layouts. [MANUALS-5403]
  • Fixed an issue where invisible spaces would be marked with an automatic revision bar, indicating an invisible change. [MANUALS-5356]
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