Web Manuals 8.0 - 30 September 2021


  • Introduced option to allow sorting Table of Contents by alphabetical order [MANUALS-5628]. This allows you the option to use the Table of Content as an index feature. Note that setting the module to alphabetical order will hide the heading numbers and put the titles in focus.


  • Added force restart of EFBPackager [MANUALS-5646]. This is an added safeguard to make sure that even if one document fails to generate, it will not stop subsequent documents from being generated and will instead continue with the rest of the queue.
  • Allowed to display Edit Diagram dialog in full-screen mode. Now you will be able to have diagram editing in all its glory.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with incorrect number being displayed of compliance requirement warnings as well as statistics of reviewed/documented requirements.
  • Removed delete option in System Settings if document type is default [MANUALS-5651]. This means that you will no longer end up in a situation where a document does not have a document type to fall back on.
  • Fixed issues with text and icon color in dark mode for reader [MANUALS-5622]. Dark mode! For that even darker feel!
  • Improved performance when loading Table of Contents and pages for reader [MANUALS-5640].
  • Fixed issue of not fetching content correctly when switching from reader to review mode [MANUALS-5641]. Data would be loaded upon switching, now this transition should be much smoother.
  • Fixed issues with text color and background color in dark mode for Editor/Admin [MANUALS-5623].
  • Fixed issue of not having admin permissions when updating own account.
  • Manage Libraries: Fixed loading issue and optimized view to improve loading performance.
  • Manage Libraries: Now the "based on" field selects the most recent revision by default when adding a new compliance revision, and not needed to be selected manually or left blank. This eliminates the risk of issues if publishing a new revision without any "based on" revision.
  • Compliance Library: Fixed issue of showing "out of date" warning in Compliance Requirements dialog when it should not.
  • Compliance Library: Now filters are reset between each login. This avoids confusion and gives you a clear overview if you forgot you had filters on last time you worked in libraries.
  • Compliance Library: Fixed issue of "Notes" section in compliance requirements not being styled after importing [MANUALS-5571]. Now, once imported, the notes section to a compliance requirement will keep the intended styling.
  • Compliance Library : Added message in Amendments dialog to make it more clear if a requirement doesn't have any actual content change.
  • Fixed time-limited icon to show only if the document is set to time-limited. This will remove possible misconception regarding time limited documents.
  • Fixed issue causing CK Source popups not in manual view to be empty.
  • Fixed potential UI crash when opening document types dialog in System Settings.
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