EFB App - December release- 11 January 2022

Breaking changes

  • New minimum requirement of iOS12 (previously iOS9).

New Features and updates

  • Frameworks and plugins upgraded to latest versions.
  • New improved document update feature. Document updates now only downloads the needed files in a more intelligent way.
  • Embedded PDFs (Files uploaded into another document) can now be opened within the Web Manuals EFB app [EFBIOS-699].
  • Added support for deeplinks to other apps from within a document [EFBIOS-674].

Bug fixes

  • Forms now work properly and gives better feedback to user [EFBIOS-698, EFBIOS-696, EFBIOS-692, EFBIOS-673, EFBIOS-613].
  • Brightness slider now works [EFBIOS-770, EFBIOS-666].
  • Quiz checkout now works [EFBIOS-758, EFBIOS-690].
  • Users using AzureAD will now get logged out properly when their authentication expires [EFBIOS-769].
  • Various other bug fixes and stability improvements.
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