Web Manuals 8.0 - 28 October 2021


  • Added notes next to the pages that are not included in the next revision when reviewing [MANUALS-5696] - This will make it a lot easier to know what pages will not need to be moved in the workflow when approving pages from the review tab.
  • In the Cross Reference module, added a new column “Revision†for references’ last published revisions [MANUALS-5626] - This will allow editors to link within a manual but still be able to have the cross reference module track the correct new revision.


  • In Review dialog, notes will be added next to the pages that are not included in the revision [MANUALS-5696] - With this change Reviewers will clearly see what pages they do not need to pay attention to, because they are not included in the newest revision.
  • Reader side panel for Pages and ToC now remembers the last selected [MANUALS-5683] - This will allow the readers to use the side panel function they prefer, and the system will remember it, it will save readers some clicks and quite a bit of frustration.


  • User Management - Allow admins to delete users [MANUALS-5644] - Admins will once again be able to delete users, note that user history from a deleted user will indicate that this from a "deleted user".
  • Super Admin - Added check and restore functions [MANUALS-4951] - An old function reinstated. Super admin of a manual will once again be able to traverse and auto check pages that have non visible changes, and then restore all those pages in bulk.
  • PDF experimental - Added back the missing bookmarks, layout fixes and handled overflow. - Better, Faster, Stronger and continuously improved.
  • Introduced full screen mode for Design Editor dialog in System Settings. - Tired of dragging your diagram around without seeing the full picture? You can now utilize your entire screen to enjoy your diagram.

Bug fixes

  • Editor - Fixed printing issue for cross-references in Author dialog [MANUALS-5643] - New printing functionality that allows for better printing of list views.
  • Editor - Fixed issue of text getting underlined unintentionally in a child document after syncing [MANUALS-5664] - This will prevent text from getting underlined in the child when it was not the case in the parent.
  • Editor - Fixed issue of not keeping right order when adding pages below a page containing subpages [MANUALS-5783] - Subpages would under the right circumstances be placed at the bottom of a sub page list in stead of right after the page it was supposed to, not anymore!
  • Editor - Fixed issue when updating the number of lines in abbreviation module [MANUALS-5276] - Now the Abbreviation module will once again show data correctly corresponding to the number of lines defined.
  • Editor - Fixed controlled links not giving warnings when target content is changed [MANUALS-5740] - Once again controlled links will react if you change the link target.
  • Compliance Library - "Not applicable" button will now be visible again after removing all connections from a requirement. [MANUALS-5770] - This will increase usability since you no longer have to refresh the compliance library to get the button to activate.
  • Compliance Library - Fixed external notes to display as intended. [MANUALS-5773] - Now the external note will show up correctly on the checklist as intended.
  • Fixed issue where designs wouldn't load properly because of bad properties. - Incomplete designs would cause other designs to not load properties correctly, and thereby get the wrong look. This is fixed and steps are being taken to avoid this altogether in the future.
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