Web Manuals 8.0 - June 2nd Release Notes 01 July 2021


  • "To include" options are now only available for exporting transmittal letters as pdf. This means that there will no longer be confusion regarding why the To include function does not have an impact on normal PDF files.
  • Added sorting to Tasks and Monitor dialogs.
  • Change log now has a show all button which will remove the pages and simply display the complete change log.
  • Compliance panel now displays a message if there is no library available [MANUALS-4779].


  • Updated error messaging in the reader [MANUALS-5420].

Compliance Libraries

  • Compliance libraries now remove the warning sign when the latest revision is activated [MANUALS-5368].
  • There have been a lot of misunderstandings to how the compliance regulation numbering works when self made compliance libraries were created. We have now added an explanation text to make this easier.
  • Replaced button name Deleted Requirements with Acknowledge Deleted Requirements in the library view. Now it is clear which view will allow you to approve the deleted requirements.


  • Added a new date format in General Settings (yyyy-MMM-dd) [MANUALS-5441].
  • Added a user filter by status. You can now filter when setting up roles, this makes it possible to avoid displaying inactive users and will enhance the user experience [MANUALS-5290].
  • Now it is possible to resize the sidebar for appropriate dialogs in System Settings, meaning that the size can be adjusted to content.
  • User experience update to Word Import, you can now drag and drop word files and additional configuration options was added.

Bug fixes

  • LEP ingress text field will now display the entire text input correctly.
  • Links to PDF files will now open the correct page.
  • When a compliance connection is outdated due to a changed heading number, the system will automatically suggest the correct heading number [MANUALS-5328].
  • We are now able to remove connections when clicking the trash icon under the amendments view. [MANUALS-5410]
  • Fixed a bug that prevented saving changes to content pages. [MANUALS-5258]
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