Web Manuals 8.0 - August- 03 September 2021



  • Introduced PDF generator Beta to the Export dialog, allowing you to generate your own PDF files via the new PDF generator. [MANUALS-4924].
  • Create new revision including specific pages is now disabled for the first revision. Previously, there were issues where the very first revision did not have all pages included, this can not happen anymore [MANUALS-5604].
  • Two new special characters have been introduced to the Editor (∧, ∨).


  • Introduced the new adaptable layout of the page navigation bar on mobile devices. Readers can go to Previous or Next editor comment, page in review or change via the appropriate menu.
  • The dialog with Pages/Toc/Review etc. now adapts to mobile devices.
  • Full screen buttons are not available while browsing on mobile devices.
  • Display Published Date on Documents dialog of a content page [MANUALS-5471].
  • Reader sidebar now highlights the current page, for that easier navigation feel.


  • Dark mode for admins/editors is available, causing less strain on your eyes.
  • Users can now be updated and added at the same time while importing users [MANUALS-4903].
  • Allow to update the order of content pages and their sub-pages [MANUALS-5460].
  • Users are now able to go to the Web Manuals Store via the main menu.

Bug fixes

  • Compliance library users without access to edit will no longer see the edit and delete options [MANUALS-5542].
  • Fixed an issue of not enabling Save button after removing a requirement, users would have to change a requirement afterwards to enable the save button. Not anymore! [MANUALS-5500]
  • Fixed Content Page Documents messing up the main Documents dialog [MANUALS-5463].
  • Fixed Content Page Documents not covering the entire height of the dialog. Now content will have more room to be viewed in [MANUALS-5458].
  • Fixed issue of displaying the document tree incorrectly [MANUALS-5529].
  • Fixed issue of Audit Log crashing when heading is missing [MANUALS-4906].
  • Fixed issue of not displaying sub-roles properly [MANUALS-5283].
  • Fixed issue of displaying changelog comment dates incorrectly, previously the date was always showing as the revision date [MANUALS-5139].
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