Web Manuals 8.0 - 15 December 2021


  • The system now supports German as a secondary locale when using the dual locale function. [MANUALS-5855]


  • The manual name and its file extension are now used for downloading, this way PDF files will have a more intuitive naming format. [MANUALS-3920]
  • Added experimental PDFs to revision archive. Now all the users relying on the new PDF generator will have their files available in the archive for audits and record keeping. [MANUALS-5892]

Bug fixes

  • Reader - Navigation between editor comments works properly now. [MANUALS-5726]
  • Review - Dark mode fix for highlighted review comments. Now highlighted review comments will be easier on the eye.
  • Editor - Fixed issue of controlled links' title not updating when changing the Heading. [MANUALS-4337]
  • Editor - Removed change log comments of archived pages from change log module. [MANUALS-5864]
  • Fixed issue with editor comments showing up in child manuals when they shouldn't. Now comments from the template will no longer synchronize into the child.
  • Fixed issue to display correct date for a document's Revision Date. [MANUALS-5916]
  • Manage users - To increase intuitiveness, the system now shows a message when saving Permissions. [MANUALS-5915]
  • EFB - Unable to check out documents from the app when using quiz checkout. Now checkout should once again work properly. [EFBIOS-758]
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